How to find blogging jobs

Finding blogging tasks can be rough. Where should you search for gigs that cover more than the couple measly bucks to get a 500-word article? Are articles mills the only method to get paid to write?

With the growth of content promotion, a growing number of organizations are hiring freelance writers create articles for their own blogs. Occasionally they provide one-off assignments, which may pay $75 more per article. Other online books may search for bloggers that are ready to write several articles per week, the sort of steady gig which could definitely increase your bottom line.

Writers as Nicole Dieker, who shares her earnings every month here in The Write Life, are utilizing blogging endeavors to round out their earnings and make a livable wage — and they are often able to operate at home, in their agenda. But how do you get paid to site in case you do not know where to locate these gigs? Often, there some meaningful website or places to look for paid blogging chances.

Undoubtedly one issue I am asked over and over is the way to begin finding freelance blogging tasks.

It is a little humbling because I so surprised there are a lot of people no matter men or women ask me for advice. There are a lot more successful freelance writers that make much more per site post than I do. But, freelance blogging has been what enabled me to transition out of a daily job to working at home. At the start of my own work at home travel I relied on freelance blogging to get my earnings. From that point I experimented, discovered what I enjoyed, what I hated and personalized to my liking. I get many blog articles in my experience finding freelance blogging tasks. However, because I’m asked so frequently what measures I took I wish to put out it here in 1 blog article. Additionally, I really do feel as though I have one edge on providing guidance: I left a ton of errors when I started. And perhaps, just maybe, I will block you from making the very same mistakes which cost me a great deal of time and all sorts of frustration.

As below there are some ways to help you to know how to find freelance blogging jobs as pragmatic methods for beginners.

Do Not Be a JOAT (Jack of All Trades)

When I first began searching for writing projects I needed to write about everything. I would answer to each and every job board advertisement that seemed even remotely interesting. Heck, I remember writing posts about air conditioners for a content mill for about $2/article. (Can you imagine how much time it took me to make this $2!!?) If you’re a generalist, it is going to be quite tough to market to a customer. Or in least, decent paying customers. After pitching more than a hundred distinct prospects I will assure you that nearly all small company and website owners don’t want writers that”kind-of” understand what they are discussing. They need authors who understand their market and business

opportunity. Slimming down your writing subjects should be your first step. You need to, at least initially, select topics which you have expertise in.

The initial few decent paying freelancer blogging endeavors I have were insurance associated. Not because I enjoyed writing about insurance, but since I had been an insurance broker in the time and recognized that industrial language.

As step one for us, We would be to narrow down a couple of topics which you’ve got experience/knowledge in. There’s a little business based on every subject under sunlight. In case you have knowledge or expertise in something then you are likely to have the ability to locate a paying customer.

Get Some Samples for Writing

This sounds to be an awful lot of things to do before trying to get writing tasks, right? I know that it may feel like this, but it is needed. Nobody will hire you when they can not see what you are capable of. You want writing samples and there is no way around that. When I initially started this site I spent way longer submitting guest articles into popular sites when I did writing for my blog. Meanwhile one blog block my three of articles before ultimately accepting one only. Another remarkably common blog rejected just two of my articles before finally one to be accepted. I was decided to have featured on large sites in my market and it completely repaid.

It is hard work when you are starting from nothing –but everybody begins from nothing. Bear this in mind while you focus on getting strong writing clips and understand that your campaign will pay off. When I went to send out pitches to prospective customers I used this to my advantage. I’d use a link like “I’ve been featured on many popular blogs. You can take a look at my posts here.” Once, you have at least three more writing samples link back to the clients from your website or blog as writers.

Job Board and Paid Blog

When you initially start out as an independent blogger, then you may not know which sites cover articles. Lucky for you, many experienced freelance bloggers and writers have put together lists of sites and sites or blog that need your own work. Here we go, some of favorite lists of blogs that get paid for post,

  1. The Ultimate List of Better-Paid Blogging Gigs
  2. Funds for Writers Paying Markets.
  3. 110 Websites that Pay You to Contribute an Article, Instantly
  4. Writer’s Markets
  5. MediaBistro’s Job Board

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