The US Withdraw Troops from Syrian (III)

Why did the United States choose to withdraw its troops at this time? Pang Zhongying, dean of the Ocean Development Research Institute of Ocean University of China, said in an interview with China News that over the years, the pace of global expansion in the United States has been too great. It is now an adjustment of the US government’s global strategic layout. He further pointed out that to see such a big background – the Trump administration, or any new US government, has realized that there is a strategic withdrawal from the world, or shrinking.Square Steel Tubing

For the strategic adjustment of the Ministry of National Defense, there are actually many objections in the United States. Some critics say that this adjustment by the United States is actually beneficial to Russia, Iran, and even the “Islamic State.” But Pang Zhongying said that although the United States has many criticisms, Trump made a difficult decision. The withdrawal of the United States from Syria seems to be a unilateral action. In fact, the United States may have coordinated with Israel, so he does not have to worry about who is filling the vacuum. US officials revealed that after Trump and Turkish President Erdogan passed the call on the 14th, Washington made a decision to withdraw. “The follow-up is all the agreement reached in the implementation of the call.”

As Trump said, the ”Islamic State” has been defeated, and the remarks about the ”Islamic State” to ”return to the land” seem to be a bit exaggerated.

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